Railroad Services

  • Locomotive Services FRA 92/368/1104
  • FRA Part 213.7 Qualified Person For Track.
  • FRA Part 214 Railroad Workplace Qualified
  • E-Railsafe Contractor #995598113984
  • MSHA Part 46
  • ANSI Mobile Crane and Aerial Lift #MC-06-0913-1058
  • Rail / Tie / OTM Clean-ups
  • Track Repair / Inspection Services up to Class 3 Tracks
  • Harsco / DMF / Aries HyRail Inspections + Service
  • OSHA Lift, Chain & Sling Annual Certification
  • FRA TITLE 49 PART 229

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Arizona Rail Supply

Arizona Rail Supply began in 2009 as a company that provided service and products to main line, short line and industrial railroads. Arizona Rail Supply maintains a supply of track and OTM for smaller rail projects, track equipment and tools to do the job.

Customer Service

People at Arizona Rail Supply are dedicated to working together to ensure your order is handled properly and safely.

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